Tree Trimming

This is a picture of a tree trimming service.

Arkansas and Little Rock, in particular, are home to a wide variety of trees and shrubs. The city is quite unique as it has a lot of vegetation that you would typically see in many redwood forest areas. That is why we have a national park nearby, but on the other hand, you do see some plants and trees that you are more likely to see in a desert-like environment. We say this to highlight the importance of having a professional landscaping company take care of your tree trimming and pruning. The wide variety of plants can make it tough on people to be able to really take care of their outdoor areas on their own.

Tree Trimming

At times we get called in and asked to provide our tree trimming services because the branches are interfering with an electrical installation in the house, or because people don’t want to handle a lot of leaves in the fall. Those are valid reasons to call, but we have to point out that our tree trimming service is thought to not only come in and tree your trees without any sense of style or look. What we will try to do is to trim the areas that are getting in your way while maintaining the special look the tree gives off. So don’t expect us to start chopping without any sense of style!


What is the difference between trimming and pruning? Pretty much the same difference that there is between actually cutting your hair and combing it. Although we always try to incorporate a sense of style in our works are pruning services are where we let it show the most. Like mentioned these services are just like a person’s haircut. We want to make it shorter, but find a way that it still looks great or even better than before.

Bush Or Shrub Trimming

Around this area, we can get a lot of thorny bushes growing all over the place. These are typically used to adorn gardens or the entrance to homes or buildings. Giving them a trim yourself though can see them lose their entire shape and you may even cut or sting yourself with their branches and leaves from time to time. Avoid any bad experience that may come with trying to tend to them yourself and give us a call.

Recurring Services 

Tree care is an ongoing endeavor. To make sure that we can maintain your trees and bushes at a proper length for an extended period of time we are going to need to come in regularly. We always love it when clients want to continue to work with us. That is why we give recurring all of the best deals that we have available and we even include a complimentary service in there from time to time. Your outdoors are going to look great for a longer period of time and you are going to get a lower price. Does that sound like a fair deal?     

Little Rock, AR