Tree Braces & Support Systems

This is a picture of a tree braces and support systems service.

Growing trees can be quite a challenge. In spite of all of the hard work that you may put in planting them sometimes, you can never be fully certain that they will grow and develop as you would like them to. There can be certain factors that contribute to them not growing up straight for example. If you allow that growing pattern to continue the tree may end up disturbing other trees or structures that are standing in the area. The best way to correct an issue such as this is to put tree braces or support systems on the tree to try and counteract the effects of the wrong growing pattern!

Growing Pains

At times trees will start out growing straight up, but then begin to curve and bend as they continue to grow. When this happens if you are growing trees in the middle of an empty field then you may just want to let nature run its course and you can end up with some pretty unique specimens. When you don’t have the luxury though of allowing the tree to grow as it pleases then you may want to consider putting on a tree brace. This will try and correct the direction in which the tree grows. They can be made of cables or braces that attach to the ground.

Prevent Major Separation

At times as trees start to grow and develop the trunk may begin to grow apart in a V-shaped form. These cases are interesting because some people will just let the tree develop thinking that it is just another branch forming, when in reality the tree may be tearing itself in half. To try and counteract the effects of this type of growth we can apply tree braces. These are rubber band like cables that intend to bring the two parts of the tree back together. They work very similarly to braces that people put on their teeth!

Help In Tough Times

If a storm is a approaching and your tree looks like it is a bit too weak and it won’t be able to handle it the best thing to do is to try and prevent the worst from happening. In these cases what we can do is put a support system around the tree that attaches to the ground below it. The main idea here is to make sure that the support system runs deep enough to be able to actually protect the tree if heavy winds come its way. Of course, if that doesn’t work there is always the last option!

If All Else Fails

All of the services that we just described are intended to prevent one thing. That is a tree removal service or having your tree uprooted by the rough winds. We will usually recommend trying a lot of these options before performing a removal service. Especially on young trees that can still grow and develop properly. If the danger is too great though that they won’t survive the storm then we just might recommend pulling the plug! Check out our new post regarding Fertilization

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