This is a picture of a fertilization service.

Nature is very wise and will always find its course in spite of the adversity that it may potentially face. There are times though when we can give it a helping hand to be able to find its course. With that in mind many years ago we started our fertilization service. It is intended to help certain areas where you intend to grow grass, plants or a certain type of vegetable get that extra step they may need in order to flourish. There are plenty of things that go into this process that are far beyond just scattering seeds!

Preparing The Terrain

Depending on the type of plant or tree you are going to try and grow the ground needs to be prepared in order to give the seed the best chance to succeed. This is basically where we get to lay the groundwork so that we can harvest the fruits later. If you want to have a part of your land be a grass field and the other a rose garden then be sure to let us know ahead of time. That way we can make sure that we provide the proper care for each section of the property.

Laying Down The Grass

There are two ways that we can actually get this done. Either by bringing in layers of grass that we can place on top of the bed that we had laid out or actually laying the seeds out. Bringing in rolls of grass is without question the quickest way to make sure that you have a lawn, not a dirt lot. These types of lawns though may need a little more care in the long run as the grass needs to be given some time to be able to settle in properly. Another way to do it is actually to spray seeds over the terrain.

I Want To Plant Trees & Flowers

The best chance that trees and flower seeds have of actually flourishing is if they are laid out in a controlled environment and they are watered properly. At this stage, all of the areas of the lot need to be very well taken care off. If a certain area is left without its proper supply of water for an extensive period of time or if it gets too much water it may not be able to flourish properly. This stage then requires that either you fully commit to your lawn or you let us come in regularly and help!

Fertilization On Existing Lawn 

You don’t have to be starting your garden from scratch to be able to ask for our fertilization services. The important thing here though is to make sure that the existing terrain is fit to handle this new fertilization process. Otherwise, even if we just go in and scatter seeds chances are not a lot of good things are going to happen. We will provide an inspection session to see what the best way to get your lawn to look great is. After we come up with a plan we will try to execute it to the best of our ability.

Little Rock, AR